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Gymnastics Equipment

Agility gymnastics or also called floor gymnastics, is not only useful for body fitness, but also flexibility. In doing these exercises, you can use tools to support the movements, which are called floor gymnastics equipment.

Although agility gymnastics can be done by all ages, before doing gymnastic movements with the help of gymnastic equipment, it is mandatory for us to know the limits of our abilities.
Don’t let yourself get hurt because you want to force yourself!

Floor Gymnastics Equipment for Fitness and Flexibility
The following are some floor exercise equipment that can be used when performing gymnastic movements:

Floor and mattress
One of the important elements in floor exercise is of course the floor, as the name implies, and also the mat that can prevent unwanted injuries.
Considering that there are many floor exercises that require the gymnast to interact with the floor, don’t forget to choose a mattress of good quality and appropriate for use.

Parallel Cross
This floor gymnastics equipment is usually used by male gymnasts to perform swing movements, and escape movements from tools that require trained strength and balance.
The parallel bars are usually slightly wider than the shoulders and 1.75m high.
single cross
A single bar made of thick steel has a diameter of 2.4 cm and a height of 2.5 m. This one floor gymnastics equipment is used by gymnasts to perform movements, rotating movements and changes in direction.
The bracelets are usually suspended from a wire cable at a height of 5.8 m and are adjusted to a height that allows the gymnast’s body parts to hang freely and swing.
Some of the above floor gymnastic equipment are mostly intended for professional gymnasts who have been trained in performing movements that require strength and balance.

For those of us who are beginners, adequate floors and mats are enough to be used as floor exercise equipment, it’s just a matter of how we can optimize them.