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Have you used various skincare products that treat acne, how come there are no positive results from using them? Maybe, it’s not the skincare fault, but maybe you need treatment from within the body to maximize the treatment of acne skin problems.

Do you realize that skin health can be affected by the nutrients you eat. Vitamins are organic compounds most of which are not naturally produced by the body. So to get it can be obtained from food or supplements.
You should know that the role of vitamins for acne prone skin is quite important, you know. Because, vitamins can relieve symptoms to restore the condition of the skin of acne scars faster.
For that, you must know some vitamins that are good for dealing with acne-prone skin. Check out the review here, OK?
1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A can help prevent acne, regulate the amount of keratin produced, and prevent dead skin cells from building up on one another. This vitamin will also encourage the growth of new skin cells that can destroy dead skin cells.

Not only dealing with acne, vitamin A can also help even out skin tone that is usually striped due to acne scars.
To get this vitamin A, you can eat foods, such as carrots, spinach, and broccoli.
2. Vitamin E
This vitamin is quite popular for dealing with acne skin problems. The benefits that you will get help relieve acne conditions. This benefit is derived from the antioxidant properties of vitamin E.
Low levels of vitamin E in the blood are associated with the severity of acne. Therefore, you need to consume vitamin E which can be obtained from taking vitamin E supplements or from foods, such as vegetables and fruits to treat acne.
3. Zinc

Acne can appear on the skin due to inflammation. For that, you need to take vitamin zinc to avoid these problems.

You can get the benefits of zinc by eating certain types of foods, such as chickpeas, sesame seeds, oats, and oysters.
4. Omega 3
The omega 3 content of fish oil supplements in the form of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic (EPA) can protect facial skin from sun damage. By taking 1 capsule of fish oil, you can control excess hormones in maintaining sebum oil production. This clearly can minimize the growth of acne.
5. Probiotics and prebiotics

These two vitamins can fight bad bacteria on facial skin so that it can overcome acne prone skin.
You can get probiotics and prebiotics from food or beverage sources that have been fermented, such as yogurt, tempeh, tofu, and kimchi.
Those are some types of vitamins that can overcome acne problems on the skin. Try to regularly consume food and drink sources that contain several types of vitamins above, OK?